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IDEAL provides document imaging solutions, products and services for large and small format documents. From our expert large format scanning services and high-volume small format scanning services to our unique SaaS/Cloud applications, we help you eliminate paper, manage workflow, maintain best practices, provide audit trails, meet compliance requirements ( GRC and CCHIT), and enable virtual workplaces. We serve small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, as well as state, local and Federal government agencies.GSA Contract Holder

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Architectural, Engineering, Construction Architectural, Engineering, Construction
With our roots in the reprographic market, IDEAL has served the AEC community for over 30 years. From early blueprint machines to CAD and electronic plan rooms, IDEAL has always been on the cutting edge of technology for the AEC market. See how we can help you stay ahead of the curve.
Legal Legal
As an out-growth of our reprographic beginnings, IDEAL began serving the legal community by scanning legal documents and printing low cost color images for courtroom exhibits. Today, we provide secure cloud-based applications that track the workflow of legal discovery. Learn what we can do for you.
Government Government
A GSA contract holder, IDEAL provides state, local and Federal government agencies with scanning services, equipment, and document management solutions. We offer compliant SaaS/Cloud applications, high volume scanners and more. Learn how we can help you go paperless.
Manufacturing Manufacturing
From scanning large format documents & aperture cards to helping you manage CAD drawings and workflow in an ISO 900x QMS environment, IDEAL does it all, providing secure document archives, access & collaboration, compliance & audit trails in an SaaS/Cloud environment. See how we can help increase your efficiency.
Healthcare Healthcare
IDEAL's high-speed onsite document scanning services and CCHIT-certified SaaS/Cloud applications provide healthcare organizations with efficiency and the peace of mind necessary for paperless medical files, workflow management and compliance. . Find out how fast and easy going paperless can be.
Paperless Office Paperless Offices
IDEAL's high speed office document imaging service provides any business organization with a fast economical way to go paperless. Improve your office efficiency and gain the competitive edge.
Learn how to convert to a Paperless Office.
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IDEAL's unique document imaging, document management and SaaS/Cloud applications can be launched across all departments within your organization - Human Resources, Accounting, Administration, Sales, Marketing and more. You reduce costs and improve efficiency by using one vendor who scans and converts your paper documents, prepares them for access in the Cloud and provides one secure SaaS application that eliminates paper, manages workflow, maintains best practices, provides audit trails, conforms to compliance requirements (GRC, CCHIT), enables virtual workplaces and that can be implemented quickly with no additional IT costs or requirements.

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