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The ibml ImageTrac® 3e-Lite delivers the reliable and easy-to-use remote and medium-volume scanning solution that organizations need to drive process improvements from the point of capture. The ImageTrac® 3e-Lite scans documents at 30 inches per second or 45 inches per second. The ImageTrac® 3e-Lite configuration includes:


> SoftTrac - for operational control, scanning accuracy, and document processing.

> Bar Code Reader - enables the decoding of a variety of bar code symbologies.

> Ink Jet Printer - provides limited printing on the front side of the document before it is scanned.

> DynamicTIFF- optimizes image clarity and sharpness at scanners rated speed.

> Output Pockets - 1 pocket with run out for sorting separator pages and other unwanted documents.

> Power Options - available in 110 volt or 220 volt.

Attention to Ergonomic Details

The ImageTrac 3e-Lite includes a number of design changes that make it easier for the operator to find and fix an interruption.? And, operators can get to the paper path quickly resulting in less downtime and you are back in operation faster.

Operation Control Center

A user friendly color touch screen has a 180 degree range of motion, provides the operator easy access to machine controls.? The touch screen simplifies the process of setting up and scanning documents and helps operators recover from interruptions more efficiently.

Improved Reliability

Modifications to the new 3e scanners improve reliability and efficiency of the scanner.? Less downtime, ease of use on both the front-end and back-end of the process, greater reliability?together help you scan more documents faster than ever before.? It all means improved efficiency, higher productivity, and lower cost.

Mechanical Changes

Handles thicker documents (such as envelopes) effortlessly. The redesigned mechanisms are more reliable so that your scanners work longer and more efficiently. On the back end, we?ve made subtle modifications?to both the hardware and the SoftTrac software?to eliminate jams.

SoftTrac Software

ibml's SoftTrac application software is the first step in building a successful and efficient capture system for your ImageTrac or TWAIN based system. SoftTrac delivers the operational control, capture accuracy and document processing intelligence to maximize performance.

Attention to Ergonomic Details

See the ibml high production scanner in operation: