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IDEAL's high-speed onsite document scanning services and CCHIT-certified SaaS/Cloud applications provide healthcare organizations with efficiency and the peace of mind necessary for paperless medical files, workflow management and compliance.

Electronic Medical Records

As the health care industry increasingly turns to technology for cost-cutting and error-reducing solutions electronic medical records (EMR) are rapidly becoming a necessity. The first step in instituting EMR is the scanning of existing paper-based medical records. Converting these legacy patient charts and information into electronic form is a challenge that healthcare organizations are not normally equipped to perform. Outsourcing the scanning of patient records, medical charts, insurance claims, technical reports and other types of medical documents becomes a necessity so that the healthcare organization can continue to focus on patient care while their systems are updated.

CCHIT SaaS/Cloud Applications for Medical

In addition to the converting of paper-based records to electronic records, many healthcare organizations find it helpful to streamline processes and workflow in order to help mitigate errors. IDEAL's CCHIT-certified SaaS/Cloud applications for the healthcare industry provide a secure, easy to use system that allows authorized healthcare workers to share and collaborate on patient records and images. In today's economic climate smart healthcare organizations are using SaaS/Cloud applications to harness internet power in a secure, cost -effective solution that makes sense.

Save Time and Money --Outsource your Health Care Organization's Scanning and Printing:

Document Scanning Service

Indexing and Data Entry

Onsite Scanning for Sensitive Data

Lowest Priced Color Printing

Economical Black and White Printing

  Save Time and Money -- Outsource your Health Care Organization's Scanning and Printing

Speed Medical Treatment with Cloud-Based Technology  

Speed Medical Treatment with Cloud-Based Technology:

IDEAL-Cloud for Workflow Automation, Communications, Compliance and More

Rent High Volume Scanning Equipment for In-house Use  

Rent High Volume Scanning Equipment for In-house Use:

IBML ImageTrac 3E Scanner

Benefits of Outsourcing for Healthcare Organiztions:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Allows your staff to focus on strategic opportunities
  • Work is done more quickly
  • Higher quality work
  • Access to equipment, software and competencies not available in-house

Benefits of Cloud-Technology for Healthcare Organizations:

  • Reduced Costs
  • No additional IT or software requirements
  • Fast access to EMR
  • Controlled access to EMR
  • Improved communication
  • Workflow management
  • Compliance

Types of healthcare organizations we serve:
Types of healthcare organizations we serve  

Physician Group Practices, Health Maintenance Organizations, Hospitals, Hospital Networks, Independent Practice Associations, Physician Sponsored Networks, Managed Care Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, Clinics, Ambulatory Care Centers, Surgical Centers, Long-term Care Centers, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Mental Health Care Facilities, Hospice , Optometrist, Pharmacies and others

Healthcare documents we scan, print and host:
Healthcare documents we scan, print and host  

Medical Chart, Patient Records, X-rays and other images, Provider Notes, Insurance Claims, Explanation of Benefits, Fetal Traces, Technical Reports, Ambulance Call Reports and others